Snapchat is finally getting Live video, but you won’t be able to broadcast. Today Snapchat announced it will pipe snippits of NBC’s Live Olympics coverage directly into its app. But when TechCrunch asked if users would be able to go Live, a Snap spokesperson told us on background that there’s no intention to open up broadcasting to Snapchatters. They said users have not been clamoring for Live broadcasting abilities, and the company doesn’t see many use cases for them.

Instead, Snap Inc says that transmitting live television to help Snapchatters experience culturally relevant moments is what makes sense. Snapchat won’t broadcast whole sports games or award shows but says that it could stream the most important parts of big events, like the Oscars giving out Best Picture.

This effectively throws shade on Facebook, which has poured resources into building and promoting Live capabilities for users but has seen very few stand-out broadcasts from those users beyond a woman laughing hysterically in a Chewbacca mask. 

Snap Inc is rightfully assuming that most users just don’t have interesting enough lives to warrant Live streaming. The feature can generate low quality notifications that annoy users, which frequently happens on Facebook and Instagram. And even if people open those notifications, the long-form, unskippable content might seem slow and boring compared to the fast-paced clips people are used to on Snapchat.


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